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SOLVED: Miter Saw Dust Collection. Mostly.

I think I did it. Or at least got as close as I'm willing to get. Turns out solving dust collection on a sliding miter saw represents catching a unicorn in the woodworking world.

There are so many variables at play that forming a solution that also allows you to use the saw - while still being effective - is very challenging. Through an iterative process I have arrived at 2 promising solutions to try. I designed and 3D printed a solution for each and tested the final versions.

The results were surprising (though not in the same disappointing way that the first go around was). The travelling chute turned out to be the winner and oddly enough was also the simplest. Funny how things work out sometimes...

Chris Harpster (Benchtop Woodworking) Delta Cruzer Video:

Learn Fusion 360! Product Design Online Academy -

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