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Efficient Use of Space on my Workbench

It's about time to organize the end of my workbench with items that I use all the time. I've now spent enough time in the shop to know what I'd like to store. In this video we'll make hangers for my custom router fence, some F-style clamps, and finally some dust collection hose. There will probably be more added in the future but that is a great start.

Being intentional about shop organization is important for a happy healthy shop - and this is just a small example of doing just that. I think its important to allow some time to use the space/item before you try to get it organized. The main reason for this is that it should allow you to identify your actual workflow. Too often we make an assumption about how we will work only to find out that it actually is quite different.

With some time to work around the workbench I was able to identify some key elements that I always seemed to need around. The first (and most obvious one) was that I needed a permanent home for the router fence. I built my router fence several months back ( and I really do like it - but it's been stored off in a corner up until now. This means any time I want to use it I have to go get it, dust it off, and put it on the table. The next items are my most common dust collection hoses. One of the best features of this workbench is the integral dust collection system so this just makes sense. Lastly, I wanted to have some small F-clamps available at the workbench. Theses just come in handy for doing all kinds of things around the shop.

Identifying the organization plan is often the hardest part. Executing on that plan is actually fairly easy and can typically be do with some scraps around the shop. I was able to put together some very simple hangers to accommodate all of the items listed above from things I found around my shop, including some spare T-track and a 3D Printed hose hanger. I chose to go the extra mile and paint the wood pieces black just to make it look nice (obviously optional!).

The result is an intentional space that fits my needs and workflow. I'm really happy to have finally tackled this and it should make working in my shop that much more enjoyable. Just one small step towards that ever elusive SHOP GREATNESS!

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