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Best Garage Shop Setup

Shop Nation Versatile Workbench

The new Versatile workbench/out feed table is designed specifically with the average garage woodworker in mind.  This beast of a bench includes a ton of built-in features like dust collection, electrical, deep drawer storage, organizer storage, a router table, and more!  Learn more

Scaled down version of the "Versatile" Workbench

This scaled down version of the "Versatile" workbench is intended for those smaller garage shops tight on space.  Although the design is smaller, the workbench includes many of the same features as it's bigger brother! Learn more

SH-Medium Workbench v6.png

The Foundation of  your Garage Shop

Ultimate Cabinets.png

This bank of cabinets will single-handedly transform your workspace.  Featuring 20 large drawers for storage and an entire bank of upper cabinets for larger would be impossible not to get organized!  The cabinets are broken down into bite-sized chunks making the build approachable for anyone. Learn more

The Big Bench for the Dedicated Shop

The big daddy workbench featuring a monstrous 4' x 8' work surface.  This workbench packs a big punch including a full sized, 2-stage dust collector hidden within.  If you're serious about your shop you will consider the Ultimate Workbench.  Learn more

ultimate workbench.png

The Miter Station

No Need for Upper Cabinets?  No Problem!

Ultimate Miter Station.png

If you either don't have room or don't have a need for the upper cabinets - not to worry!  You can buy just the plans for the lower section which makes for a killer miter station on it's own right.  Multiple configurations means many different size options to fit your space.

Featuring the Kreg  Adaptive Cutting System   (ACS)

If you are extremely tight on space OR you want an extremely versatile auxiliary piece of shop equipment - look no further!  This little workhorse will help you efficiently break down sheet goods regardless of your shop size.  The Kreg ACS is great but when paired with a mobile base equipped with dust collection and storage?  Game Changer.  Learn More

Compact Workbench.png

The Sanding Cabinet

The One-Stop Sanding Solution!

Sanding Organizer.png

Now here is a useful shop addition!  I was tired of hunting down the various sanding tools and consumables I have so I designed this all-in-one solution that mounts on the wall.  The design is intended to house your most common sanders, the consumables, and a few other useful things!

Makes your Drill Press Efficient & Productive

This little unassuming piece of shop furniture will make a BIG impact on your shop's efficiency around the drill press.  Featuring storage, moveable fence, interchangeable work surfaces, and built-in dust collection!  This is a fun quick project for any skill level that just might be the start to shop greatness that you've been looking for...

Drill Press Table Finished 4.png

The (compact) Wood Storage Cart

Take Control of your Scrap Wood!

Plywood Cart v2 32.png

This project is sure to make ANY shop more efficient and organized.  This wood storage cart is designed with the small shop in mind.  WIth a footprint of just 25"x72" you can't afford not to add this to your shop project list!

And more!  Check out the rest of my build plans on my Etsy Store