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The Big Dedicated Shop Workbench

The Ultimate Workbench

The ultimate workbench first featured in a 4-part build series is the #1 requested build plan to date.  This is a full depth set of plans which break up the construction into bite-sized chunks including frame construction, cabinet components, drawers, electrical, and dust collection.

- Huge 4'x8' work surface

- Integrated dust collection system (with automatic switch)

- Integrated power outlets for easy access while working

- Hardware organization to house bin organizers for hardware and small parts

- Tool storage drawers- Locking swivel casters for mobility

The design is modular in nature so customizing to fit your exact needs is fairly easy.  The workbench measures 96" long by 48" wide by 36.5" tall.  The height was chosen so that it would work with my Delta table saw (I had at the time)

The approximate cost for building the workbench as designed (including the full dust collection system) is ~$1500 (this will of course vary for everyone)


Wood only - $420
Dust Collection System - $550
Electrical System - $150
Hardware - $200
Everything Else - $150 (T-Track, etc)

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