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Perfect for the  small garage shop

The Shmedium Workbench

The "Shmedium" workbench/out feed table is exactly what it sounds like - a small/medium workbench option.  This design is the scaled down version of the very popular "Versatile" workbench meant to meet the needs of most small garage shops out there.  The plans are very easy to follow and were geared specifically towards the average garage woodworker.  This small design packs a punch for it's size and is sure to increase your garage shop efficiency!

The design is modular in nature so customizing to fit your exact needs is fairly easy.  The workbench measures 60" long by 38" wide by 34.5" tall.  The height was chosen so that it would work with most table saws, who have a height of 35".

The approximate cost for building the workbench as designed (including the router lift and dust collection) is ~$1100 (this will of course vary for everyone)


Wood only - $375
Dust Collection System - Varies
Electrical System - $75
Hardware - $150
Everything Else - $500 (router lift, T-Track, etc)

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