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Adjustable Hanging Drill Storage

Updated: May 25, 2022

I think I finally nailed the drill and driver storage in my shop with this cool "adjustable" solution mounted under my cabinets. It's such a simple concept I'm actually mad at myself for not thinking of it earlier. What is great about this concept is that it's not limited to just drills & drivers. You can easily adjust to fit your exact needs and tools.

Each hanger is held in place by (2) bolts that ride inside of some parallel T-Track. When I'm happy with the position I simply tighten it down in place. I think this adjustable concept can apply in so many areas around your shop!

Rigid Battery Hangers:

Dewalt Battery Hangers:

Milwaukee Battery Hangers:

Makita Battery Hangers:

MakingAtHome - Steve Moseley

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