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Improve the Workflow in your Shop!

In this video I take an honest look at my workflow in my shop and attempt to make it more efficient.

You should think of your shop as a miniature factory. There are bound to be some repetitive tasks which you can optimize for in order to make your life more efficient and ultimately more enjoyable. Every major manufacturer applies these principles to their factories and we can take some learnings from them.

I'm focusing on the "glue up" which is a common repetitive task that I always find myself doing when making wood projects. Up to this point I've stored all of the supplies and tools for doing this in random places around my shop. The first step was to gather all of the tools and materials I typically use for this activity. Then it was a matter of working through how I would use them and come up with a storage solution that made sense.

One of the most important things to consider when optimizing a workflow is to reduce unnecessary motion. In the case of a shop that could mean having to walk back and forth between locations to gather tools or supplies. Or it could mean arranging tools close together that you always use for the same task. In the case of the glue up I only had to focus on the materials for the most part but you can see how this could be applied to something like milling lumber.

I ended up re-purposing (2) upper cabinets (located close to the workbench) to store the supplies and created custom organizers for each to house those items. I even created some "caddies" to carry all of my most common glue up tools/materials. These were simple to make but make a HUGE difference in my shop.

The result is yet another intentional space that fits my needs and workflow. I'm really happy to have finally tackled this and it should make working in my shop that much more enjoyable. Just one more small step towards that ever elusive SHOP GREATNESS!

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