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Build Your Own Shop Towel Cabinet!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Sometimes life in the shop gets messy. For that we tend to use a variety of paper towels and rags...but where do you keep yours? Mine are always in a drawer, buried in a cabinet, or exposed collecting dust. With this project I wanted to address that problem by making a one-stop-shop cabinet for all of my most common rags, towels, and gloves. Now if I need a rag I don't have to dig through my shop to find them, they are easy to get to. This build was a great project for using up some scrap 1/2" plywood I had laying around. Put your scrap wood pile to work and take charge of your shop towel problem!

Make your own with some digital plans!

Key Takeaways

- Shop towels and rags are often neglected but are an important part of your workflow

- Making these clean up supplies easy to access means that you don't waste time hunting for them with hands covered in god knows what

- Take some pride in your shop furniture! Take the extra time to make it look awesome.

Links to items mentioned

HomeRight Large Spray Shelter -

Graco 17A466 Paint Sprayer -

Incra T-Rule 6-inch -

Woodpeckers Combo Square(s) -

12” Piano Hinge -

Bostitch 18 Ga Brad Nailer -

Acrylic Sheet (1/8”) -

Scott Shop Towels -

Mechanics Shop Towels -

Microfiber Cloths (50ct) -

3D Printed Part Files:

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