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The Ultimate Shop Workbench Upgraded + Plans!

One of the first major projects for my shop build was the "ultimate workbench" which is a multi-functional piece of shop furniture consisting of a huge work surface, integrated dust collection, auxiliary power, hardware storage, and tool storage. I actually have a 4-part build series on this workbench which documented (most) of the journey. This installment does a bit of a recap on the workbench along with 2 things I would change if I had to do it over again. I also introduced the fact that I have plans available for the workbench! I round out the video by giving the workbench a facelift with some matching paint to my ultimate shop cabinets. I am really liking how it turned out...

I also showcase a really powerful air filter capable of capturing and neutralizing VOC's from your shop or home. The filter is made by Enviroklenz and I highly recommend it. Check out more info here: and be sure to use to the code SN10 for 10% off your order!

Make your own with some digital plans!

Key Takeaways

- This workbench design is still FANTASTIC after almost 2 years of use. The changes I would make are very minor

- Lots of people disregard finishing for shop furniture but I would argue that it is so worth the trouble. Walking into a well built shop that looks great gives you that creative energy needed to tackle some of these projects.

- Plans are important for sharing creative ideas! I put off making these plans for far too long but the feedback so far is great and It feels good knowing that others out there are pursuing shop greatness as well.

Products featured in the video (affiliate links help sponsor the channel):

Silhouette Cameo 3 Vinyl Cutter -

iVAC Pro Tool Plus Tool Sensor -

iVAC Pro 115V Switch & Remote -

iVAC Pro 3-Tool Kit -

Shop Fox W1826 Dust Collector -

Powertec 3-machine 2-1/2” Kit -

Dust Right Separator -

Graco 17A466 Paint Sprayer -

Stack On Hardware Organizers -

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