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The Sanding Cabinet

I've had a problem for years in my shop, one that needed an elegant solution to fix. That problem was the atrocious "sanding drawer" in my workbench where all of my sanders, sandpaper, and discs went to die. In this video we fix that and build a complete solution to sanding organization for the workshop. I would call this the "Ultimate Sanding Cabinet" but that is so 2019 ;). This cabinet features cubbies for (2) random orbit sanders, a belt sander, and ample storage for all of the other most commonly used sanding equipment and consumables a shop would need.

I no longer need to search around my shop for the right grit discs, or dig through a drawer to find a sanding block. Everything is neatly organized in plain sight so that I can access it whenever I need it.

Key Takeaways

- Put some thought into shop furniture!

- Organizing similar tools and consumables makes shop efficiency INCREASE

- Buy some plans ;)

Products featured in the video:

Makita 5" Random Orbit Sander:

Ridgid 5" Cordless Random Orbit Sander:

Ridgid Cordless Belt Sander:

Ridgid Cordless Brad Nailer:

5" Disc Hook & Loop Sanding Block:

20 Pcs Hand Sanding Block Set:

And many more...(check out the video description for the full list)

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