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Build an Enclosure for a Small Beer Fridge (Feat. LED Sign)

One of the most essential parts of just about any shop/garage is the beer fridge. After setting up my new shop I realized I no longer had one...and getting a beer was just a little more work than I wanted to commit to. This is why I decided to get a small dedicated beer fridge but I wanted to add my own spin on it.

I started by making a simple cabinet which raised the fridge off the floor about 4". I incorporated a cavity over top of the unit for a custom sign as well. I trimmed out the cabinet with a simple face frame and attached a laser cut stainless steel sign which reads "Ice Cold Beer" on the front. Behind that sign is a piece of white opaque acrylic and a series of LED's which can change colors via a remote.

One of the COOLEST features of this build is the laser cut "ICE COLD BEER" sign that I made, or, more specifically had made. I used a very easy to use service called SendCutSend that utilizes large industrial laser cutting machines. You can have parts cut in various metals, plastics, woods, and even composites. Just upload a drawing of what you want on their website and within a couple of days you have your parts! Use my link below to learn more:

The end result is an over-engineered cabinet with a flashy sign that is sure to spark a conversation. Is it necessary? NO! Is it over the top? YES! Was it fun to build? You Bet!

Links from the videos (affiliate links help sponsor the channel!):

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HomeRight Spray Shelter -

Paint Turntable -

Graco Ulta Cordless Sprayer -


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