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Updated: May 25, 2022

In this video I answer some questions submitted by viewers on both YouTube and Instagram. I tried to pick questions that were useful and/or entertaining! There are several questions in here that I get asked ALL THE TIME so it's nice to address them for everyone.

Thank you to everyone for submitting questions and if I didn't get to yours please feel free to head over to my website and ask me there - I really do try to answer everyone that I can. This video is a little different than normal so let me know what you think!

Links to Videos/Channels Discussed:

2021 Income Video:

Epoxy Floor Install:

Workbench Build Series:

Workbench Plans:

Smaller "Shmedium" Workbench Plans:

Ultimate Cabinets Build Series:

Ultimate Shop Cabinets Plans:

Links to Cool Products (affiliate links help sponsor the content!):


Setup Gauge Block Set -

Digital Calipers -

Pentel Mechanical Pencils -

Machinist Square (3-pack) -

Incra T-Rule (6-inch) -

Woodpeckers T-Squares -


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1 Comment

Mark Larsen
Mark Larsen
Jun 27, 2023

Hi Travis, I recently purchased your miter saw dust collection kit for my Delta Cruzer, works fantastic!

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