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Shop Nation is Moving?

So some very big news for both my family and Shop Nation - we're moving.

Not just down the street either, but across the country from Texas to Ohio for a new job opportunity. In this video I share the news and give an update on what's to come for Shop Nation.

Spoiler alert! Since we are moving to a totally new area we are choosing to rent for about 1 year so we can figure out what we want to do long term. Because of this, the rental house we've chosen does NOT have a dedicated shop space. I know - devastating. I will be putting most of my shop into storage until we can move into a permanent place and I can resume shop greatness.

To make matters worse, I was forced to leave my beloved workbench behind due to the moving company screwing up. I explain everything in the video... In the meantime I plan on still building things and likely focusing on operating a shop out of a normal garage. It should be a cool challenge for me to work out of a space without all of the amenities of a shop.

Key Takeaways

- Don't trust moving companies! Assume you're going to pay at LEAST 30% more than the initial quote. Be extremely detailed.

- Moving a shop is a pain! Everything is heavy - prepare accordingly.

- Build great quality shop furniture. Quality is exposed when you try to move it.

- The only constant is change. Embrace it!

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