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Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw Review (1 year later)

I finally put together a full review of my Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw after using it for 1 year.

Laguna Fusion F2 -

As a follow up to my "Laguna vs. Sawstop" video I am now at a point where I can give you a my thoughts and review my Laguna Fusion F2 table saw. Did I make the right choice? Buyers remorse???

I've used this saw for almost a year now on a variety of projects - most of which have been documented here on YouTube. Lots of people have been asking what I think of this tool so here we go! Overall I love the saw, it's a fantastic value for those of us who want our dollar to go a little farther in the shop. In this video I detail out 3 things that I "like" and 3 that I "don't like" as much. I wrap everything up with a conclusion to summarize my thoughts.

3 Things I Like

  1. Quality of Construction

  2. Lengthy list of Standard Features (that don't cost extra $)

  3. Fence Design

3 Things I (don't) Like (as much)

  1. Fence Stability & Rigidity

  2. Overarm Dust Collection Design

  3. Overall Dust Collection Efficiency

Of course I go into a lot more detail in the video - so go watch it!

Why I Chose Laguna over SawStop Video:

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