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Versatile Workbench is DONE - Part 4

In the final chapter of the new "Versatile Workbench" build we add those finishing touches that transform a great workbench into one worthy of the #shopgreatness title.

To finish out this project we need to seal the top, add T-track, install the face frame, drawer fronts, and doors - then PAINT! Although it may seem like just last minute details there is a considerable amount of work that goes into the finishing steps.

The first thing I did was seal the MDF top with Shellac (3 coats). I have found that MDF and Shellac make a very durable surface that holds up well to shop abuse. Once that was done I routed the channels for the T-track...but not without some issues. I accidentally started with a "climbing cut" which caused some issues with the router jumping at times. The bigger issue was that I didn't use a backing board to prevent blowout so the entry cut produced a nasty result. I learned my lesson and continued on with temporary backing boards and reversing my cutting direction.

But wait! Before finishing the channels I also encountered a hidden screw in the worktop (doh!) which produced a nice spark. I thought I was being very careful when placing the screws so that the locations of the future T-track were avoided.

With that behind me I could then move on to cutting the pieces for the face frame, drawer fronts, and doors. The install for those was pretty straightforward and I just followed the plans. I did share an easy drawer front mounting method that I've come to really like.

For the final step I broke down the entire project and prepared for paint. In all the prep stage took about 5 hours (gulp) but this is one of those tasks which is supremely important for a good paint job. With everything prepared I applied 2 coats of Sherwin Williams "Cyberspace" colored paint using my Graco TC Pro airless sprayer. I really like that gun compared to the lower-cost Truecoat 360 DS I've used in the past.

The last cherry on top was to add a metal "Shop Greatness" plate to the project.

Full color plans are available!

Happy Building!

Check out more of my build plans here:

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