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Versatile Workbench Build - Part 3

Even MORE progress on the "Versatile Workbench" build. In this video we assemble the deep drawer storage insert, the router lift cabinet insert, run all of the electrical, and dust collection. At the end of this stage this thing is 90% complete and is really starting to resemble a workbench!

For the inserts I'm just following the plans that lay out the construction step-by-step. Once those are complete I set them aside so I can install the electrical system. This is important because this design is so compact that you actually need the room to be able to access the areas where wires and hoses are run. It is also worth noting that the electrical system is all plug and play meaning you don't have to do any actual wiring (if you don't want to). This makes things approachable and quick to tackle.

The dust collection system is a very compact solution for this workbench. It features a Vacmaster "beast" vacuum which was selected based on it's tiny footprint and massive 5.5 peak hp output. This is paired with a Dust Right separator which will remove the solids from the system. All of that is connected to a total of 3 blast gates around the workbench which act as aux hook ups for hand tools as well as providing dust collection to the router table.

With the core system installed the last step was just to install the inserts into their slots. This build is coming along very nicely and all that is left at this point are the finishing touches like door/drawer fronts, face frame, and glorious paint!

Also worth noting in this video I installed a proper wall mounted dust collection system for the table saw. Although the built-in dust collection is great for smaller tools and is handy around the bench - it's not meant for larger tools like the saw. For that I went with a Dust Right dust collector rated at 1250 CFM. I have noticed a HUGE difference in dust output after hooking this bad boy up. Should keep the shop very clean between projects.

In part 4 we will cover:

  1. Face Frame

  2. Drawer Fronts & Doors

  3. Adding router switch

  4. T-Track to the top

  5. and finally...PAINT!

Full color plans are available!

Happy Building!

Check out more of my build plans here:

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