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Versatile Workbench Build - Part 2

Progress continues with the "Versatile Workbench" build. In this video we assemble the top, mount it to the frame, build the organizer bin insert, and build/install the router lift and dust collection box. Whew!

The workbench top is the first priority and it (should) be a simple endeavor. It is basically made up of a lamination of plywood and MDF, trimmed with hardwood to protect the edges. As you will see in the video, my lack of table saw came to bite me as I was unsuccessful in trimming the maple hardwood edges to proper thickness. Not the end of the world but having a table saw to trim them down to size would have come in handy.

With the top out of the way we can knock out the organizer drawer insert assembly. This is a shallow cabinet with several pull-out trays which hold parts organizers for easy access. Life is made much easier by following the plans and laying out the drawer slides before assembly.

Next up is to cut a big scary hole in the top of the workbench - WHAT!? Yes, in order to mount the router lift we have to cut a very precise opening to match the router lift base plate. Some double sided tape and a templating router bit did the job here.

Lastly, we build a dust collection box for the router lift. This will enclose the lift and router which will (hopefully) remove a bulk of the sawdust created during router. A blast gate is mounted underneath which will be tied into the workbench dust collection system.

In part 3 we will cover:

  1. Electrical & Dust Collection System

  2. Build the drawer storage insert

  3. Build the router table insert

Full color plans are available!

Happy Building!

Check out more of my build plans here:

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