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Versatile Workbench Build - Part 1

Every journey begins with a single step...err...glue up.

I begin the new workbench build by first constructing a frame made from laminated 2x4 studs. The frame will be composed of 2 identical rectangular sides which are attached to eachother via stringers spanning the width of the bench. All of the 2x4 lumber is milled down to remove the rounded edges, leaving crisp clean parts to work with.

The initial frame assembly is completed upside down so that the leveling casters can be added prior to "flipping" the workbench. With the casters added we can then add each end panel with does a couple of things: 1.) Adds a ton of strength to the stretcher supporting the casters 2.) Adds a ton of strength to the frame itself, and 3) Provides a clean slate on which we can add details later.

Last step before flipping the workbench is to add the (2x) bottom 1/2" plywood panels. One of these panels will serve as the floor for the dust collection compartment, while the other just adds strength for the frame assembly.

Once the frame is flipped over and placed on the new caster wheels, the remaining stretchers and braces can be added. Add a sheet of plywood or MDF and you've got yourself a worktable to use for the rest of the build!

In part 2 we will cover:

  1. Finish the top (lamination + hardwood edges)

  2. Build the organizer bin pull out insert

  3. Install the Router lift

  4. Build and install the router lift dust collection box

Full color plans are available!

Happy Building!

Check out more of my build plans here:

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