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Upgrade Your Shop Lighting - Cheap!

They say there are 2 things you cannot have enough of in your shop: Tools & Light! In this video I show how I replaced my old light fixtures with a very bright array of LED fixtures that I bought off of Amazon. The fixtures are made by Barrina and there are lots of good reviews about them so I thought I'd give them a shot.

I purchased a pack of (10) T8 LED fixtures, each of which puts out almost 5000 lumens and have a color temperature of 5000K. During my install I actually found that one of the fixtures did not work so I ended up installing 9, which happened to be the perfect amount. In total the 9 fixtures distributed around my shop put out a whopping 43,200 lumens of light! My shop is only 325 sq ft so that comes out to ~133 lumens/sq ft. For reference, the general recommendation for a workshop is about 80-100 lumens/sq ft.

In my opinion having more light is almost always better because you can more easily see what you're doing which makes your projects better and SAFER. I also tend to film YouTube videos in my shop so a little extra light helps out a ton.

If you are looking to upgrade your dingy garage/shop lights with some super-efficient LED fixtures, be sure to check out the video and product links below. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways

- Adequate lighting is one of the first things you should address in your shop.

- You can never really have too much light, error on the side of too much!

- Upgrading the lighting in your shop or garage does not have to be a complicated wiring job. Using linkable LED fixtures such as these makes wiring a breeze!

Products featured in the video:

[What I used] Barrina T8 4ft LED (10-pack) :

Barrina T8 4ft LED (6-pack):

Barrina T8 8ft LED (10-pack):

Barrina T8 8ft LED (6-pack):

Cable Hiding Kit:

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