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Shop Drawer & Cabinet Organization Hacks

Who couldn't use more organization around the shop? In this episode I tackle drawer organization in my new workbench ( as well as an easy upgrade to my upper cabinet ( spray paint storage.

Drawer organization is so helpful when done correctly. It makes your workflow smooth and allows you to be efficient when building projects. It is, however, very easy for drawers to become overly cluttered and messy. The first step in any organizational step is to be intentional. You should evaluate how you use your workspace and then plan on what you want quick access to in that drawer. In my case I want quick access to things I'm always reaching for at my workbench like layout tools, marking utensils, and T-Track accessories.

I start by creating a section in the drawer for my common layout tools using Kaizen foam. This foam is produced in layers so that you can easily remove constant depths for clean tool pockets. I've been a fan of this stuff for a while now and happen to have a couple of sheets laying around.

Next I create a sliding "caddy" that will fit over the insert we just made. This shallow caddy will have things like T-Track clamps, pencils, and sharpies. I make this out of some scrap 1/2" MDF. Finally I create yet another insert to sit next to the kaizen foam insert for other odds and ends. It's important that I don't just "fill it up" for the sake of it, but stick to my plan of what I want to have in this drawer.

Moving on to the spray paint cabinet. I have accumulated a lot of different spray paints over the years and storing them has always been a challenge. A conventional shelf in a cabinet does not let you see past the first row so the back rows often fade away into the great abyss! I'm going to solve that by creating a shallow "inner shelf" that mounts to the inside of the cabinet door. This will allow me to have visibility to roughly 2x the spray paint cans in this cabinet. It's not the perfect solution but it's one that should make you life easier. You can also add something like this to any cabinet for that little bit of extra capacity.

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