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How to Upgrade Your Shop Air Compressor

Your shop air compressor is often overlooked and ignored but we go through some very simple "upgrades" that will make your air compressor safer and easier to use. First we build a stand which raises the compressor off the ground, making draining the water from the air tank an easy task. Then we put together a simple drain reservoir to catch any water which features some 3D printed parts. Finally we mount a retractable hose reel to make air hose tangles a thing of the past!

Key Takeaways

- Air compressor maintenance is critical! Allowing your compressor to corrode from water collecting in the tank is a recipe for disaster. Be safe!

- Retractable air hoses are critical for any small shop. It keeps the hose up off the ground, eliminating trip hazards and making tools easier to use

- 3D printing can be practical! It's not all Yoda heads and fidget spinners. Consider adding 3D printing to your tool arsenal to tackle any challenge

Links to items mentioned

Flexzilla hose reel -

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