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How to keep all of your sanding belts & discs organized

I recently added a small combo disc-belt sander to my workshop and needed a way to keep all of the various grit discs and belts organized. My first thought was to keep all of this in a drawer but that quickly turned out to be inefficient. The solution was a custom designed, wall mounted, organizer which keeps all of these items visible and close at hand.

Interested in building your own? Full color plans available here:

Key Takeaways

- Make your shop furniture look good! I took the time to paint this one and I will continue to put that little bit extra effort in going forward because it makes such a dramatic difference in your shop

- Free up that drawer space when possible! If you have a small wall area no used - take advantage of it!

- If you get one of these small (cheap) belt/disc sanders, invest a couple of extra bucks and get the variety pack of discs & belts so you're prepared for any scenario. It's a no-brainer in my opinion.

Products featured in the video (affiliate links help sponsor the channel):

WEN 6502T Belt/Disc Sander -

60 Disc Pack (80-400# grits) -

12 Belt Pack (60-400# grits) -

RIDGID 18 Ga Airless Brad Nailer –

Incra T-Rule (3”) -

Incra T-Rule (6”) -

Graco 17A466 Paint Sprayer -

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