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How much money my YouTube channel made in 2020

Whew, 2020 is finally over!

I did a video at the end of 2019 detailing how much money my YouTube channel made with the intent of sharing with my audience. I knew that I was always curious how YouTube worked and I figured that I had learned quite a bit that could be shared. The feedback on that video was very good and it seemed to be really valuable to viewers.

Now that 2020 is over I have decided to do another video detailing the earnings of my YouTube channel. The channel grew a lot during this past year so the numbers are much larger. Here is a breakdown of my channel's growth:

Total Videos Uploaded: 22

My goal was to upload a video every 2 weeks (26 per year). My channel has 63 videos at the end of 2020.

Subscriber Gained: 54,000

Started 2020 with 62,000 and ended with almost 116,000

Total Video Views: 3,800,000

Began 2020 with about 2,700,000 views and ended at 6,500,000

Here is an AWESOME book on growing a YouTube channel if you're interested:

Talking about money is never comfortable but I am choosing to share because I know I was curious about how all this stuff worked. Now that I am in a position to allow you guys a peek behind the curtain - I'm happy to do so!

I hope at a minimum this information was entertaining but hopefully useful in some way. Let's get after 2021!

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