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EASY Hanging Drill Storage & Drawer Organization

In this installment of "Shop Organization" we tackle drills, drivers, and accessories.

I've needed to do something about all of my drills and drivers in my shop for some time and I finally took the time to address them. I started with a relatively simple under-cabinet mounted drill hanger made from some scrap plywood and PVC Pipe.

I used 3" PVC pipe which seemed to fit most of my drills/drivers but I will admit there are a couple that are a little tight. If I had to do it over again I would use a couple pieces of 4" pipe for those drills. Once the profiles were cut I gave them a good sanding and drilled some mounting holes that I used to attach them to a piece of plywood. That entire assembly was then quickly painted with some matte black spray paint before being mounted underneath the cabinet.

Then I moved onto being INTENTIONAL with one of my drawers that I dedicated to drills and driver accessories. I first picked out all of my most commonly used bits, extensions, and accessories. Then I decided on a plan to arrange them that made sense for me and my shop. I tried to think about my workflow and where I was wasting time normally. I then used a combination of Kaizen foam and individual containers to arrange those parts.

I'm pretty pumped to get this checked off my list because it's been sorely needed. You just don't realize how much time you waste with senseless motion looking for common things. I hope there was something you can take and apply to your shop in your pursuit of SHOP GREATNESS!

More details on cutting Kaizen Foam: Shop Drawer Organization Video:

Credit to video where I saw PVC Pipe & block trick:

Interested in building your own shop cabinets?

Links from the videos (affiliate links help sponsor the channel!):

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30mm Kaizen Foam (2'x1') -

30mm Kaizen Foam (4'x2') -


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