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Custom Table Saw Fence Caddy

Does your table saw fence have push blocks, push sticks, and a tape measure sliding around at all times? Mine sure did, so I decided to fix that.

Does your table saw fence need some love? Check out how I made this fence caddy to hold all of my most commonly used items at the saw. I'm pumped to get this checked off my list as it has been an issue forever! Plus it addresses a pretty big safety concern as it will help prevent things interfering with you while using the saw.

The first step is to establish what exactly you want this thing to hold. It's important to just stick to the essentials and not to overload your fence caddy and make it too heavy. I decided to include:

- Grrriper Push Block

- 2 styles of push stick(s)

- Dust Collection Remote (s)

- Small tape measure

- Magswitch

- Setup block

- Spot for pencil & sharpie

With that decided I started mocking up the caddy as I built it. This is a fun way to build and forces you to use your brain instead of just relying on a plan. I'm choosing to build this out of some colored MDF since I had some left over but just use scraps from around the shop!

The magswitch is intended to be used as a backer to the end of my fence to prevent it from flexing. I've noticed that if I push hard enough I can get the end to flex so this magnet will help prevent that. Hopefully!

The finishing touch for me was to 3D print some organizer inserts to keep everything nice and tidy. Of course you can skip this step if you don't have a 3D printer but it really adds a level of detail that I love.

Fusion 360 Product Design Online Academy -

Check out some more shop-focused plans here:

Links from the videos (affiliate links help sponsor the channel!):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GRR-Ripper 3D Push Block -

123 Block & Setup Blocks -

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge -

Magswitch Magjig 150 (2-pack) -

Magswitch Featherboard Pro -

Pentel Mechanical Pencils -

Machinist Square (3-pack) -

Incra T-Rule (6-inch) -

Woodpeckers T-Squares -


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