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Small Dust Collection Workbench Idea (Part 1)

Updated: May 29, 2020

Another workbench? Really?

This project is aimed at the small shop, like the garage that I'm working out of at the moment. I am trying to solve some common issues that come with working in a small shop that also has to be "put away" when not in use.

For me there are 2 big issues:

1.) Dust collection is either non-existent or restricted to a "cart" that takes up very valuable space.

2.) Breaking down plywood - or having the space/means to do it efficiently

That is where the "compact dust collection workbench" comes into play. I have designed this small cart/workbench to incorporate features to help solve both of those problems. The cart will have a built-in, two-stage, dust collection system that can be triggered automatically. The cart will also include a bank of drawers to store tools and supplies. Finally the cart will also incorporate the Kreg ACS (Adaptive Cutting System) for efficiently breaking down sheet goods.

I put a lot of thought and preparation into this build ahead of starting. I have full build plans available as well:

Key Takeaways

- Plan ahead with as much detail as possible. Makes for quicker builds!

- MDF can be a great building material for shop furniture IF you approach it correctly. Plywood is always a great option as well.

- A lot of functionality can be packed into a small package!

- Be intentional with space, especially in a small workshop

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