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Best Small Garage Workbench - With Dust Collection (Part 3)

The compact dust collection workbench is complete!

In the final installment of the build series we take the time to make this project really shine with some detail finishes and a paint job. The first detail we added was a custom 3D printed vent cover for the shop vac exhaust. Completely over the top but who cares!

Next up we needed to disassemble the workbench and prep for paint. That begins with sanding, however because I'm using MDF for this project the sanding required was considerably less. With everything scuffed up for good paint adhesion I could then begin the meticulous - but important - task of masking off the areas I did not want to paint.

To paint this workbench I am using my new Graco TC Pro cordless paint sprayer. I've been a Graco fan for years now and after seeing my review video, Graco was kind enough to send me the TC Pro version to try out. So far it is awesome! I love the cordless feature and not having to worry about getting the extension cord covered in paint. This sprayer also has far more adjustability to fine tune your paint pattern. I'm too much of a novice to know how to use it, but it's good to know you can!

Once the workbench was painted with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of latex paint in the signature "Cyberspace" grey color, all we needed to do was put it back together. We could finally add the flush mount door/drawer pulls. I really like how sleek these keep the workbench to eliminate the possibility of "snags". Then we re-installed all of the dust collection and electrical components. The final cherry on top was a vinyl cut Shop Nation logo across the doors. Its the same logo I put on my original workbench - this was my tribute to that build (RIP).

I couldn't be happier with the end result. I now have a very compact little workbench that has a ton of functionality (especially with the Kreg ACS top). I can just wheel it to wherever I need it, plug it in, and get to work.

I have full build plans available as well:

Key Takeaways

- Paying attention to finishing details can take a project from a 6 to a 10

- 3D Printing is damn useful

- This little footprint could be retrofitted for many other tasks (foreshadowing)

Check out the YouTube video description for links to products used in this build video!

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