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Want to Learn Fusion 360?

I believe 3D Modeling is a key skill to have as a maker - whether you're into woodworking, metalworking, or 3D printing. Anytime anyone asks what modeling software I recommend, I almost always point them towards Fusion 360. It is such a powerful tool that will allow you to grow into other areas if you ever choose to do so. The next most popular option seems to be Sketch-Up. I have used Sketch-Up some and found it underwhelming. Yes you can model projects and it gets the job done - however that is pretty much all that it offers. Fusion 360 is a professional grade tool that allows you to accomplish much more.

One of the biggest roadblocks for folks is that it seems intimidating and they don't know where to start. I have good news! Kevin Kennedy runs a YouTube channel called Product Design Online, and has put together a KILLER Fusion 360 course that you can buy. Kevin is a professional product designer and also a hobbiest woodworker. The course that he developed is specifically aimed at learning Fusion 360 as it relates to woodworking.

If you're serious about learning Fusion, you need to check out his course. If you're unsure about the decision just watch a couple of his free YouTube videos and you'll quickly see that he is not only an expert at Fusion 360 but also a very good teacher.

Fusion 360 Masterclass:

Learning 3D CAD/Modeling is an investment in your future as a maker. You will be so glad you did it.

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