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The Best Air Filter for your Home and Workshop

In a recent video I was approached by Enviroklenz to review an air filter. I get approached from by companies asking me to feature a product every once in a while. I generally say no because I don't want to waste the viewer's time but I'm a sucker for air quality. I agreed and received the unit about a week later. Holy cow, this thing is awesome! It's not your typical air filter that captures particles in the air. The enviroklenz unit uses a proprietary 1st stage filter which captures and breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Examples of VOC's include chemicals given off by paints and finishes as they dry - which is perfect for a workshop! The second stage HEPA filter, which is absolutely enormous (56 sq ft of surface area) captures the really tiny stuff including bacteria and viruses. This means that this filter is also perfectly suited for your home to protect you and your family. It would be tough to justify buying one for each but to have a single product able to work in both is great. Check out more info here: and be sure to use to the code SN10 for 10% off your order!

The filter itself appears pretty simple from the outside and is actually pretty simple on the inside as well. The heart of the system is a 250 CFM blower housed in the bottom of the frame. Then there are the 2 filter elements above that. The filter has a variety of power settings including whisper, which is almost entirely silent.

Key Takeaways

- Air quality is extremely important - take is seriously for both you and your family!

- Almost all air filters can remove particles from the air, but no other unit can both capture and neutralize VOC's which are hazardous to your health. Common carbon filter elements simply trap the VOC particles but run the risk or re-releasing them into the air when the temp/humidity changes.

Interested to learn more? check out their website:

Use code SN10 at checkout for 10% off of your Enviroklenz order!

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