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Shop Nation has an employee now???

That's right! My wife Kerynn is now helping out on the back-end of Shop Nation and one of those responsibilities is managing the Etsy store.

She does a lot more than that but the store is probably where you'll interface with her the most. I, of course, am still involved but when it comes to answering common questions, packaging orders, and managing the print farm - Kerynn is it!

In this episode of Shop Talk I also give an update on Shop Nation, give some channel recommendations, and talk about YouTube in general for anyone out there wanting to jump in. This series is meant to be a laid back discussion about "shop stuff" and serve as a break between project videos.

I would love some suggestions for future topics to cover or even channels that you think would be worth sharing with the audience!

Happy Building out there! Keep pursuing that sweet, sweet, SHOP GREATNESS.

Go hang out with Kerynn at the Etsy store!

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