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Shop Air Filtration with the WEN 3410

Do you ever wonder what the fine sawdust is doing to your lungs? You should! Shop air quality, especially in a woodshop is an important safety hazard to understand. In this video we review and install the WEN 3410 filtration unit in my shop. This unit not only helps protect your lungs but goes a long way to keeping fine sawdust from accumulating everywhere in your shop. Included in this video is also a recommendation for a mask which I like to use as a second layer of protection.

Key Takeaways

- Managing shop air quality is crucial for not only your personal health but shop cleanliness

- The WEN 3410 is a relatively low-cost solution to help mitigate the fine sawdust present in ANY woodshop

- After 1 year of use this filter is still doing GREAT and I continue to endorse it

Links to items mentioned

WEN 3410 Air Filter Unit -

RZ Mask Woodworking Respiration Mask -

If you have a larger shop and need a more powerful air filter unit, I recommend this one:

PowerTec AF1044 Air Filter Unit -

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