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Overhead Shop Storage

In this video I addressed a common shop or garage storage oversight - The top half of your space. We all know that floorspace and wall space (up to ~8') is precious real estate that should be planned for and utilized efficiently, but what about the rest of the wall? The upper wall area of your shop or garage presents a great opportunity to store less-often-used items. This gets things up off the floor and could even potentially free up some of that precious real estate.

This project is a quick and easy upgrade you can make to your workspace if time is short. I recently became a new dad so I have come to appreciate spare time SO MUCH MORE. While the little fella is a newborn I will be temporarily restricted to these quick projects. More in depth projects will continue soon!

Key Takeaways

- When time is short it's easy to push off things like improving your workshop. Just pick less time-intensive projects to keep progress moving!

- Building wood storage shelves is great, and I would probably lean towards that more times than not, but there are also great ready-made options out there like these Bora Portamate racks.

- Assess your shop for building supplies or equipment that isn't used much, and get it out of the way! No sense is taking up precious space when there is an alternative.

Products featured in the video (affiliate links help sponsor the channel):

31 qt. Clear Containers -

Bora Portamate 4-level Lumber Rack -

Bora Portamate 6-level Lumber Rack -

Bosch GLL40-20G Laser Level -

Cheap Tripod for laser -

Zircon Stud Finder -

Ridgid 18V Li-Ion Brushless Drill/Driver -

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