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MDF Work Surfaces with Integrated T-Track

After adding the MDF work surfaces to the ultimate cabinets, I've really come to like them. So much so, that I am replacing the work surface on the ultimate workbench with an MDF top which includes embedded T-track on one end. I then took the next (very necessary step) and sealed them with a finish - in my case clear Shellac. In order to use MDF in your shop you should seal and protect them so that they do not get ruined. MDF is extremely absorbent and will swell if allowed to absorb moisture. To combat this I'm using Shellac to seal them.

The newly added T-track on my assembly table/workbench will come in extremely handy on upcoming projects. The T-track is easy to install and allows a tremendous amount of versatility with clamps and stops. This is a simple project that anyone can do in their shop to upgrade their workspace. Follow along as I show some love to my work surfaces in my workshop during my ultimate pursuit of SHOP GREATNESS!

Key Takeaways

- MDF can, in fact, be a great solution for shop worksurfaces

- Adding T-Track can increase productivity a TON. All of the sudden you can do creative clamping and fixturing

- The Ultimate workbench can be easily upgraded to this type of top!

Products featured in the video:

48" T-Track by Clear Style (2-pack) -

T-Track Intersection Kit by Clear Style -

T-Track Hold Down Clamps by Clear Style (2-pack) -

T-Track Stop Kit (4 pcs) by Rockler -

Other Great Options:

48" Ruler T-Track by Clear Style -

48" T-Track + (2) Hold Down Clamps by Powertec -

T-Track Intersection Kit by Powertec -

T-Track Hold Down Clamps by Powertec -

T-Track Corner Stop by Rockler -

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