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Is This the Sprayer You've Been Looking For?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

If you are in the market for a paint sprayer or are just looking for an easier way to get a great paint finish - look no further! In this video I review the Graco Tc Pro airless paint sprayer and compare to other similar sprayers in the Graco line up.

In general I am very impressed with the paint sprayer, especially when comparing to my original (corded) Truecoat 360 DS model. The fit and function of everything is better along with higher end components. I will say though, given the choice, I would recommend the Graco Ultra Cordless over the Graco Tc Pro Cordless. I've found that you can get the Ultra for the same price as the Tc Pro and you're actually getting a much more capable sprayer. There are also some versions of the cordless paint sprayers which can spray flammable materials and they either have "Max" or "Plus" in the name. They are quite a bit more expensive so you better be sure you need that capability!

Here are the "tiers" of Graco paint sprayers I talk about in the video:

Tier 3 Sprayers

Ultra Cordless (Recommended) -

Ultra Max Cordless -

Tc Pro Cordless -

Tc Pro Plus Cordless -

Tier 2 Sprayers

Truecoat 360 VSP (Recommended) -

Truecoat 360 DSP -

Tier 1 Sprayers

Truecoat 360 DS (Recommended) -

Truecoat 360 -

Links from the videos (affiliate links help sponsor the channel!):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Graco Pump Armor (1 Qt) -

32 oz Flexliner Bags (3-pack) -

32 oz Flexliner Bags (25-pack) -

42 oz Flexliner Bags (3-pack) -

42 oz Cup Conversion Kit -

Graco Triax Replacement Pump -

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