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If You Hate Painting - Get This!

Let's be honest - who likes painting? We all like the end result but the process sucks so here is an honest review of a handheld airless sprayer that will change your outlook. I bought this Graco Truecoat 360 DS about 1.5 years back and it has changed my life (ok, not really). This little handheld sprayer is a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their finishing game. It is especially great for shop projects or things around the house.

If you are in pursuit of shop greatness, or goodness, then you've got to check out this line of sprayers. In this video I review the reasons why you should look into an airless paint sprayer, the different levels of handheld sprayers offered by Graco, and finally my review of the Truecoat 360 DS model that I own. Spoiler Alert: I recommend you get one!

Here are the sprayers that I would recommend in each category:

Group 1 (Low cost, entry level):

Group 2 (Mid-level *recommended*):

Group 3 (Heavy user, professional):

Products featured in the video (affiliate links help sponsor the channel):

Graco Truecoat 360 DS:

Graco Truecoat 360 VSP:

Graco Ultra Cordless:

Graco Ultra Max Cordless:

HomeRight Pop-Up Paint Shelter (L):

HomeRight Pop-Up Paint Shelter (M):


Graco 32oz Flexliner (3-pack):

Graco 42oz Flexliner (3-pack):

42oz Flexliner Kit:

Graco Ultra FFLP210 Tip:

Graco Ultra FFLP310 Tip:

Truecoat 360 Tip Kit:

Graco Pump Armor:

190 Micron Paint Strainers (50-pack):

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