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How Much Shop Nation Made in 2019

Happy New Year Shop Nation! In this video I broke down the revenue generated by the Shop Nation Youtube channel in 2019 and talked about growth, how YouTube works, and how content creators actually make money. The intent of this video is to share in the interest of curiosity and transparency. This video is NOT an attempt to brag or "flex" about how much/little money I'm making.

I get a lot of questions about YouTube and specifically people who want to start their own channel. I hope this video helps those who are curious understand what realistic channel growth and income looks like. I will probably do another video in the future about what goes into making videos as well.

Key Takeaways

- Starting a YouTube channel with the sole intention to make money is a TERRIBLE idea. Don't do it.

- If you want to start a channel, do it on a topic that you are passionate about. Money will follow.

- There is money to be made from YouTube...however it takes time and patience!

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