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Great Budget Drill Press: WEN 4225 Review!

If you're in the market for a great drill press on a budget, look no further than the WEN 4225. This full sized, 15-inch swing, drill press boasts an impressive list of features while staying well within the price range of most DIYers. In this video I go over my impressions of the drill press includes a list of "goods" and "not so goods" that I've found after using this tool for about 2 years. I also highlight 3 must-have additions for any drill press to boost the functionality. These 3 items are: small drill press vise, drill press table with stop block, and a drum sanding kit. Even if you're not in the market for a new drill press, those 3 tools will be sure to improve the capabilities of your setup.

Make your own with some digital plans!

Key Takeaways

- Just like most large power tools, there is a HUGE price range. If you are on a budget (I mean, who isn't?) then you should be looking at this model.

- When purchasing a power tool, try to envision future use as well. In my case, I knew I wanted a drill press capable of handling metal as well as wood.

- Simple tooling add-ons can boost the functionality of your existing assets!

Products featured in the video (affiliate links help sponsor the channel):

WEN 4225 Drill Press -

WEN Drill Press Vise -

WEN Drill Press Table w/ Fence -

Sanding Drum Kit –

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