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Double your wall space with a swinging tool wall!

In this video I show how I took a creative idea to make use of some space that was otherwise wasted with scrap plywood in my shop. There are many wood storage options out there including carts and racks but what I wanted was a way to not give up that precious wall space.

The end result is a mobile tool wall with cleats which swings out from the wall when I need access to the wood stored behind it. Since I rarely need to move plywood in/out of that area it made sense that I utilized the space for some storage. The "ah-ha" moment I had after building this swinging tool wall is that it can be used for so many more applications! In an any workshop, wall space is precious real estate, so any way that we can maximize that space means a more efficient and capable workspace.

I have full build plans available to purchase through Etsy, so I'd urge you to check them out!


Key Takeaways

- This project started out as a way to "hide" my plywood off-cut storage area...but I soon realized that the same concept could be applied to maximize your wall space anywhere!

- Don't ignore awkward areas in your shop, think about how you can creatively utilize them!

- Follow. A. Plan. I showed a mistake I made in this video which would have been easily avoided if I was better prepared. Think through your designs!

Products & Tools featured in the video:

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge:

4’x8’ Overhead Rack (#1):

4’x8’ Overhead Rack (#2):

Ridgid Cordless Brad Nailer:

Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer:

Craftsman Cordless Brad Nailer:

DeWalt Cordless Brad Nailer:

Porter Cable Cordless Brad Nailer:

Ridgid 18V Li-Ion Brushless Drill/Driver -

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