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DIY Professional Epoxy Floor for your Shop/Garage!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

One of the best things you can do for your garage or shop is to apply an epoxy floor coating. It not only looks great but keeps your space clean AND makes cleaning in the future a breeze. The problem though is that there are so many choices out there - which system is best?

There are a few considerations to take into account if you want to put down an epoxy coating. The first is what type of look are you going for? A traditional flake floor is common for a shop/garage but you can also do faux stone or even a metallic effect. The second consideration is how are you going to use your floor. Is it purely aesthetic or will it be driven on with vehicles? Lastly, what is your budget?

With those questions answered you can begin narrowing your search for the right epoxy system for you. In my first shop I applied a Rustoleum Professional Series epoxy in my garage. The cost was low and because I wasn't driving on the floor (with vehicles) it held up just fine during the 3 years I lived there. HOWEVER, I did notice that the coating was very thin, and the finish was not very good in 1 of 2 of my garages. When I moved into my new house I wanted to again apply and epoxy coating but opted to do a little research on a better product.

That is where I came across Leggari Products. They are a company out of Washington that have essentially made professional-grade epoxy available to the general public. Their epoxy systems are SO much higher quality than the big-box store versions and allow DIYer's like me the ability to apply good epoxy myself. I couldn't be happier with the results and I will likely have a great looking epoxy floor for many years to come. Check out the video below for my process!

Thank you Leggari for sponsoring the video and helping DIYer's everywhere!

Links to must-have tools to complete this job:

22" Kraft Squeegee -

5 Gallon Helix Paint Mixer Drill Attachment -

Spiked Shoe Attachments (pair) -

Roller Handle -

18" Adjustable Paint Roller Frame -

18" Roller w/ 1/2" nap -

18" Roller Tray -

Plastic Drop Cloths -

4-1/2" Diamond Wheel -

Cordless Rigid Angle Grinder -

Cordless Rigid Leaf Blower -

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