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DIY Pantry Makeover - Part 2 (FINISHED!)

In part 2 of the DIY Pantry Makeover we finish the build and add a TON of functionality to the space. I'm really happy with how it turned out and we've already begun to realize just how useful it is. This project is also very approachable, as I completed it without a fancy shop or high-end tools. As a reminder I don't even have a table saw (currently) and completed the build using the Kreg ACS - which also happens to be the sponsor of this video!

The Kreg plunge saw and ACS are so versatile and in many ways, can replace a table saw. As you probably already know I've paired my Kreg ACS with a custom workbench that I built that integrates storage and dust collection. As a reminder, I have a full build series and plans for the compact workbench you see me use in this video:

If I've learned one thing over the years about finishing work it's that it is a slow but very worthwhile process. I spent a lot of late nights applying coats of paint, doing some assembly, and final fit work. As with anything in life - all things worth having are not easy.

This video was sponsored by Kreg Tool which is great because I've been a user and fan for many years. Go check out the Kreg ACS if you're looking to add some serious functionality to your shop!

Kreg ACS Table:

Kreg Track Saw:

Kreg ACS Bundle:

Links for this project:


Rigid Impact Driver:

Rigid Airless Brad Nailer:

Rigid Airless Finish Nailer:

Router Rabetting Bit:

Router Bit Set:

DeWalt 12" DWS715 Miter Saw:

Bora 24" & 31" Clamps:

Woodpecker 12" T-Square:

Best Maker's Mechanical Pencil:

Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter:

3D Printed ACS Bench Dogs:


Flat Head Cabinet Screws (1-1/4"):

Finish Screws (2-1/2"):

Soft-Close Drawer Slides, 22", 6-pairs:

Black Bar Handle Pulls, 10":

Pantry Organization

OXO Cereal Container:

OXO 3-piece mini Container Set:

OXO Small Square Container:

OXO Medium Container (bulk set):

OXO 10-piece Variety Set:

OXO 20-piece Variety Set:

Clear Plastic Storage Basket, Medium (2-pack):

Clear Plastic Storage Basket, Large (Large):

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