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Why You Should Build a 3D Printer for Your Shop

It's not secret that I am a 3D printing evangelist, especially when it comes to shop applications. I believe that just about anyone stands to benefit from having a 3D printer and in this video I go through the process of building one from a kit. Chances are that if you like building things in your shop you will enjoy building a 3D printer.

The specific kit I am putting together is a Prusa i3 mk3S from Prusa Research. I already own one of these 3D printers and am adding a second one to increase printing throughput. As you probably know I sell 3D printed tools and fixtures for woodshops and these machines produce those parts.

The Prusa kit comes in at $750 (US) and includes everything needed to build a complete, functional, 3D printer. In the kit you assemble all of the structural components, belts, bearings, motors, and even electronics. It's actually a lot of fun to build and as a bonus you end up with an intimate understanding of how your printer goes together and works.

If you have been on the fence about 3D printing - take the leap! It will provide a whole new set of solutions to solve problems and will probably force you to grow outside of your "making" comfort zone. If you have kids it also represents a great collaborative tool that you can share with them to get them excited about making things too.

Links for this project:

Prusa website:

Prusa i3 mk3S Printer:

Josef Prusa YouTube Channel:

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