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Custom Shop Cabinet Build - Part 2!

We finish off the upper cabinets by adding a face frame as well as build some shaker-style cabinet doors. This video showcases a relatively easy method for building a face frame, using a favorite jonery method - pocket hole screws. I go a step further and use tongue and groove joinery to build the shaker doors. This was a great opportunity to learn a new skill which I can share with the community! Be sure to stay tuned to this build as we finish out this project!

Major Lessons Learned

  • Think through a build to leverage efficiency. I made sure to make all of the same cuts with the same table saw setup which ended up be both faster and more consistent.

  • Don't be afraid to try something new! Most importantly don't be afraid to fail! I made several mistakes but ended up learning way more as a result.

  • Planning is crucial for any finishing work but cabinet doors especially! Take into account the hinge overlay and face frame width.

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