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Making a Heavy Duty Workbench from Lista Cabinets!

Lista or Vidmar cabinets are both widely regarded as the "gold standard" for industrial storage. Chances are if you work in any kind of industrial or shop environment - you've seen these around. What makes them great is how they are built which makes them extremely strong (for storing heavy things) and basically bullet-proof. I managed to pick up a pair of Lista cabinets third-hand from a friend who didn't have the room in their garage (he originally got them from work). In this video I briefly talk about the features, build a simple work surface, and install them in my shop! I'm really excited to start filling these up with tooling. I want to eventually get into some machining and these will be a perfect compliment to that.

How can you incorporate cabinets like these in your shop? They are CRAZY expensive brand new. Here are 3 ways:

1.) Keep your eyes out for businesses going out of business in your area, specifically manufacturing or machine shops. Often times they will liquidate assets through an auction and you can score some there.

2.) Do you work somewhere that uses them? If so, they often let employees get first crack at ones they are getting rid of or upgrading. Couldn't hurt to ask!

3.) Check Craigslist. You would be amazed what you can score on there. You will have to be diligent and be ready to respond FAST because these are a hot item.

Happy hunting.

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1 Comment

Jaxon Wager
Jaxon Wager
Feb 01, 2022

I bought some drawers with full extension slides off CL from which I have build a cabinet.

Getting a lot of organizing tips off Youtube! Thanks!

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