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How to make a "fenceless" stop block system for your miter saw

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

If you are like me and have limited space in your shop you probably want to make the most of every work surface available, right? You also can probably appreciate the convenience of having a stop block system for making repeat cuts on your miter saw. What if I told you they didn't have to be mutually exclusive? Yes you can have a fully functional stop block system WITHOUT giving up half of your work surface around your miter saw. The fenceless stop block concept is the perfect solution for the small shop looking to maximize effectiveness and use of space. Check out the newest video for how I did mine. This is an easy, yet super functional project anyone can do.

Key Takeaways

- Easy project that only takes an hour or two

- Huge efficiency gain in the shop when banging out the same cuts over and over again

- 3D Printing can actually be functional! I 3D printed the stop block and even shared the design on Thingiverse:

- I'm also selling fully assembled stop blocks on Etsy. Check it out here if you would like to purchase one:

Links to items mentioned

Rockler T-Track -

Rockler T-Track with fixture parts -

Straight Router Bits -

Incra T-Rule 12" -

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