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How to Build an Awesome Kid Workbench

This project was a lot of fun. My nephew is turning 2 years old and we thought we’d build him an “ultimate” kid workbench. I’ll admit I think I went a little overboard on some features but it turned out awesome! If you have a little maker or DIY’er in your life - consider making one of these for them! They will love it!

The construction is pretty simple, I’m using a section of butcher block countertop for the work surface (you know, for heavy work) and various pieces of poplar and pine for the rest. I’m also incorporating some 16”x16” metal pegboard for the back panel to display all of his tools, plus LED lighting - in case he wants to build in the dark!

The details of the bench were 3D printed on my Prusa i3 mk3 (check out my video on that printer if you want to get into 3D printing) including the chrome name badge and pegboard hangars. I could have printed out even more details for this bench like a small vice and even some additional toy tools.

This would be such a cool project to build with a child so please enjoy the video, let me know what you think, and pick up some plans if interested! Here’s to inspiring the next generation of mini-makers out there.

I have full build plans available to purchase through Etsy, so I'd urge you to check them out!


Key Takeaways

- Don't buy a junky plastic workbench for your kid, nephew, niece, brother, or sister - build one!

- Every incremental step you take to improve a build, like this workbench, ends up VASTLY improving the end result. Are some details over-the-top? Sure, but the impact may surprise you.

- Get kids involved with building things and working with their hands! There are lots of valuable life lessons that go with that.

Products featured in the video:

Under Cabinet LED Lights:

Blue Hawk Metal Pegboard:

Pegboard Hooks (Variety):

Birch Butcher Block (4’x2’):

52 Piece Toy Tools:

Wooden Tool Set:

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