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How to Build a Custom Desk

This project is a little bit different in that we are not in the shop but my office serves as an extension of my workshop. Many of you may work exclusively out of your office and we see that you should not ignore this! Building purpose built desks for your workspace can increase productivity and allow you to organize your space. In this project we build the desk tops & sides, while leveraging pre-build banks of drawers from IKEA. Sometimes it just makes sense to buy pre-made components!

Major Lessons Learned

  • Don't ignore your "other" workspaces. Often times we neglect ancillary spaces but don't realize their impact on your productivity

  • Don't be ashamed of buying instead of building. Your time is valuable!

  • You can achieve whatever wood look you are seeking from plain pine. In this vide we use a great burning technique to give the desk surface the appearance of much more sophisticated wood.

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