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Adding a 3D Printer to your Shop

It's not secret that I'm a fan of 3D printing - and so should you! A 3D printer is a fantastic tool to add to any shop and in this video I show you exactly which printer to buy and why. 3D printing offers a capability to your shop to quickly and easily produce tooling, shop organization parts, fixtures, jigs, templates, and more. I will be adding more videos related to 3D printing, specifically around FUNCTIONAL parts which you can make for your shop. I'm not interested in printing an action figure for your desk (there are plenty of videos throughout YouTube for that). Trust me when I say that once you experience the value and benefit of having a 3D printer at your disposal, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Key Takeaways

- A 3D printer is just a tool. How you use that tool determines it's effectiveness.

- Invest in a 3D printer that is reliable and easy to use. The Prusa i3 mk3 I feature checks all of those boxes and more. Imagine how often you would use your table saw if you had to adjust it and calibrate it every time! A cheap 3D printer can quickly turn into a science experiment and you'll stop using it.

- It's now easier than ever to get into 3D printing and 3D modeling. Leverage the free resources to get started.

Links to items mentioned

Prusa I3 MK3S -

Home made Prusa Printer Enclosure video –

Download 3D models for free -

3D Modeling (CAD) Software:

SketchUp -

Autodesk Fusion360 -

My Camera equipment (affiliate links help sponsor the channel!):

Canon SL2 Camera -

Rode VideoMic Go Microphone -

Vanguard Alta Pro 264CT Tripod -

LED Panel Camera light -

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