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How to make low profile floating shelves to upgrade your home office!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - your home office is just as important as a workspace as your shop. My office is no different and the fact that I work from home makes it even more important. I wanted to clean up my desk by relocating some of my "knick-knacks" to shelves. This shelf design makes a very low profile shelf - but - they are NOT meant for a lot of weight. Check out the video for details as well as some other ways I improved my desk setup.

Key Takeaways

- Lowest profile shelf possible! But not meant to support a lot of weight

- Organizing your desk will make you more productive

- Incorporate things into your office/work space that inspire you! I chose to include various machined parts, 3D printed parts, and even some LEGO. Do whatever makes you smile.

Links to items mentioned

Pocket Hole Plugs -

Rockler dowel jig (Amazon) -

Rockler dowel jig (Rockler) -

Painters pyramids -

Devcon 5 min epoxy -

Rockler countersink bits -

Rockler countersink bits (Rockler) -

50lb wall anchors -

Keyboard Mat -

Logi Z207 Bluetooth Speakers -

Lego Saturn V Rocket -

Lego Ferrari -

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