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Basement Gym Transformation

Working out in my dark un-finished half of my basement has gone on long enough! It was finally time to build out a corner of the basement into our finished gym space for my wife and I to use.

In this video I convert a corner of my basement into a functional home gym featuring new walls, a pull up bar, dumb bell rack, squat rack, a Pelaton, and much more! This project is pretty approachable for just about anyone looking to "pump up" their home workouts.

Gym Lighting: Video -

Barrina LED Fixtures (6-pack) -

Interested in getting your SWOL on too? Here are some items featured in the video:

Dumbell Rack -

Wall Control Pegboard Panels (Vertical) -

Wall Control Pegboard Panels (Horizontal) -

Wall Control Hangers -

Rogue Monster Wall Rack -

Get RX'd Barbell Bumper Plate Storage -

Get RX'd Rubber Hex Dumbells -

Corner TV Mount -

Rubber Mats -

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