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The all-in-one Small Shop Solution

The Mega Table Saw Workbench

Finally! A worthwhile workbench designed to incorporate a jobsite table saw that is just as feature-rich and versatile as all of my other workbenches.  I have taken everything I've learned over the past 5 years designing shop furniture and poured it into this design.  With over 200 hours spent designing and making the plans I am extremely confident you will be happy with this build.  Every cubic inch of this workbench is utilized in a meaningful way that is meant to make YOU more productive.

The plans are a whopping 169 pages long (I know) but don't let the length intimidate you.  In reality there are 11 individual build sections with broken out cut sheets and materials lists so that you can tackle this project in bit sized chunks.  I'm confident that just about ANYONE can build this thing.


Cost Breakdown

Wood only - $700 (calculated in August 2022)
Dust Collection System - $380
Electrical System - $75
Hardware - $250
Everything Else - $500 (router lift, T-Track, etc)


All in - ~$1,900

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